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Affiliate – General Conditions & Terms of Use

To all Affiliates: using the S.B.I. booking system implies complete agreement with the General Conditions and Terms of Use, with the unconditional agreement and acceptance of all provisions within.

S.B.I. reserves the right to update to these Conditions (changes in existing regulations or commission rates) at any time. You will be informed in advance of changes to come in our General Conditions and Terms of Use. We invite you to read them regularly.

Shuttle Booking International offers its global booking network, providing all transport companies with the means to create and publish: personalized ground transportation service offerings; private shuttle transfers; VIP transfers; shared and prestige transfers; and corporate services, to and from many airports in and around large cities worldwide, via their business accounts. Using a new, interactive booking system, we constantly update our website to continually offer the best quality of service to international travelers and companies using our network.

Join our global booking network and add offers in areas where you operate. Become one of our partners, providing local services to our mutual customers by transporting them to their destinations.


When creating a business account on the S.B.I. booking network, a unique Affiliate ID will be assigned to your company upon registration. All activities of offers and reservations will also be assigned. Your application will be studied carefully by S.B.I. staff members. Please provide us with all pertinent information regarding your company in order to facilitate the validation process. S.B.I. reserves the right to investigate further, by asking you to provide more documentation or company-related certification, which will be necessary for our final decision. You will receive an e-mail confirmation inviting you to login into your business account once validation is complete. Please follow all the steps on the affiliate home page in order to create your business account. Validation should take effect in less than two hours.

Add Offer application

A specially-designed tool to help you create and publish personalized offers immediately available on Shuttle Booking International’s search engine, ready to be reserved by visitors. More info is available in your business account inside your Add a Route section. Adding personalized offers to S.B.I.’s search engine is an easy process, create an offer in 5 minutes. You will be able to use the Add a Route application once your are registered with S.B.I. A unique Route ID will be assigned to each offer that you publish on our search engine

Pricing Options

Reservations are subject to a commission, which should be incorporated into your pricing when creating your offers. Remember, all prices and rates displayed on our website are for an offered service, and must include all taxes (VAT), discounted offers and our commission. The price will include no additional fees after the booking process is complete. The client pays only once. An invoice summary and/or a voucher will be sent to your company that has published the offer, and to the client who has booked a service through our system.

Booking Process

Reservations are made starting two weeks in advance for over 15 passengers using bus/coach/group services; 48 hrs. in advance for less than 15 passengers booking Private and Shared services to ensure that we have enough time to process the clients’ requests.

Using our system’s easy process, client(s) select their destination(s), service(s) and the shuttle company that will insure their transfer(s) to their destination(s). When booking on our system, the client(s) will automatically receive an invoice with a summary of the reservation and the amount paid.

A unique Booking Reference is assigned to each of the reservations made on our system. The data entered is sent to S.B.I., and then is redirected to the company that has published the offer and that is in charge of handling the reservation and transportation service. A summary of the reservation will be displayed in the company’s business account. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation regarding all new reservations. We keep a record of reservations made on our website in order to satisfy our clients’ expectations regarding their transfers, and for any other purpose we deem necessary.

After the booking process, the client will print the Transfer Voucher to present to the local representative, or your driver. You will find pertinent information at the top of the booking confirmation, such the “Booking reference — Supplier ID — Route ID — Transfer Confirmation Code”. Clients can also present an e-mail confirmation to the the local representative or the driver in charge of the transfer by using a Smartphone or tablet.
Drivers are reminded to always collect the booking confirmation or transfer voucher, which is required for you to confirm the transfers you have provided. We use the preceding methods in order to guarantee our users interests, and ensure that we have provided and completed the clients’ requests and fulfilled our obligations


Your company will be in charge of collecting clients from their pick-up or drop-off location. Do your best to be on time without compromising your task, or the passengers’ or driver’s security and safety. We highly recommend using clean and air-conditioned vehicles, multilingual drivers, and a no-smoking policy, at least inside the vehicles and in the presence of passengers.


Shuttle Booking International’s main priority is security inside the vehicles operated by your company to insure local transportation. You are responsible for the security of the passengers you transport for a regular transfer service. Your drivers are responsible for getting passengers safely to their accommodations, having vehicles with valid insurance and all necessary paperwork for transporting passengers. We insist on the fact that clients must fasten their seatbelts; for the safety of young travelers (up to 10 years old), we recommend you have free baby seats at the clients’ disposal, for everyone’s comfort.


Shuttle Booking International has its own privacy policy statement and General Conditions and Terms of Use to regulate our global booking network website. All companies affiliated with the S.B.I. booking network are considered as third parties, and must have their own privacy policy statement and General Conditions and Terms of Use to regulate their company's activity, which should be available for consultation by users. Please make sure you provide us with all pertinent information regarding your company’s documentation or company-related certification during your registration process. We insist on the fact that your fleet of vehicles are to be fully insured and constantly updated.

We also claim no responsibility and cannot be held responsible in any way for any problems between clients and drivers, or for any accident that might result in the death of passengers that occurs during transfers provided by an affiliate company after booking a service on our reservation network. We claim no responsibility in regards to flights/trains/ships or any other type of transfer not being provided or cancelled for reasons that are beyond our control. We welcome all feedbacks in regards with incidents that might occur with clients or any other information you thing important, we will do our best to assist you in anyway.


Reservations made on the S.B.I. booking system are subject to a non-negotiable commission per reservation. We guarantee the current commission rates for at least two years, but they may be revised any time after this term. All companies registered on our booking network will be informed 60 days prior to us updating our commission.

The actual commission rates are fixed for a minimum of two years.

This commission helps cover the cost of running and maintaining our website, along with paying for employees that monitor reservations and provide Customer Service. We are responsible for all bank transaction fees.

Type & Category of Service Commission
Private Transfers (shuttle/taxi/VIP/corporate) -12%
Shared Transfers (shuttle bus/shared minivan) -8%
Group Service from (14-64 passengers and up) -6%
Excursions (all categories) -6%

Service provider
After submitting the Transfer Confirmation Code written on the client’s Transfer Voucher or e-mail confirmation. Payment to the company providing the service.

Type & Category of Service Providers
Private Transfers (shuttle/taxi/VIP/corporate) 88%
Shared Transfers (shuttle bus/shared minivan) 92%
Group Service from (14-64 passengers and up) 94%
Excursions (all categories) 94%


Any cancellation or change in one or more reservations includes administrative costs and handling, but may be subject to the following conditions:

Conditions for cancellations

Client Refund Commission Supplier Payment
48 hrs. before your transfer 95% refund 5% 0%
24 hrs. before your transfer 80% refund 20% 0%

Cancellation on the travel date

The flight/train/ship was delayed or cancelled. 80% refund 20% 0%
No-show at Arrivals or Departures; transferred by taxi or another company. 40% refund 10% 50%
Last-minute cancellations No refund 30% 70%

Payment for services provided

Transfer Confirmation Process
Your drivers must always collect the Transfer Voucher or the Transfer Confirmation Code when the client arrives at their local destination. This is done in order to confirm that you have provided the service.

Log in into your business account, go into the Reservation section, and select “Confirm Reservation”. Enter the client’s Confirmation Code located on the Transfer Voucher, which the driver will have collected from the client. This process will update the status of the reservation to completed, and we will proceed with payment immediately.

Without the Transfer Confirmation Code, we will not be able to proceed with your payment rapidly.

Invoices summaries are prepared starting on the 15th of each month and then are sent to the concerned party before the 30th of that same month. Contact us with any question concerning your payment status.


Affiliates are free to remove their offer(s) at any time; we only ask that you inform S.B.I. at least 60 days in advance, so that we may update our offers in your region. We remind you that reservations made during the cancellation process are subject to a commission. Payment will be made before the end of the process, in order to keep your business account current. A Cancellation Voucher will be sent to you within seven days after the process is completed.

Shuttle Booking International reserves the right to delete the business account of shuttle companies or partners who do not entirely respect the terms of our mutual agreement, the General Conditions & Terms of Use, or any other contract agreed upon with our platform in advance. Any company concerned by this decision will be notified by e-mail.


You have the right to appeal our decision concerning your business account. Contact us for more information.

Legal issues, disputes

Conditions are subject to French law. In the case of a dispute, only Courts located in Melun, France (77000) will handle the affair.

Intellectual Property

Shuttle Booking International is a protected trademark
The following domains are the property of S.B.I:

Data, text, images, information, or any other content on the S.B.I. website is subject to protection under intellectual property law.

Reproduction, adaptation or use, in any form, of any or all of the S.B.I. website content without our express written consent will constitute an act of fraud, sanctioned by the Intellectual Property Code.

All trademarks and other distinctive marks that appear on the S.B.I. website are owned by S.B.I. for the purpose of satisfying the needs of visitors to the site; it is therefore prohibited to use, manipulate and/or alter them in any way, without prior written consent of Shuttle Booking International.

S.B.I. reserves the right to update existing conditions (changes in existing regulations, pricing, commissions) at any time. All companies registered on our booking network will be informed 60 days prior to us updating these conditions.


You acknowledge that your company’s information has been provided by you in order to register your company. You authorize S.B.I. to keep your information in our system. This information is subject to existing regulations including requirements delegated by the CNIL. According to French law, in “Computer Hardware” Freedom 78-17 of 06/01/1978, you have the right to access and correct your information personally. You can exercise this right through our services simply by calling or e-mailing us, or managing them via your business account.