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Shuttle Booking International is a booking platform for shuttle transfers worldwide. The service is a door-to-door private shuttle transfers, VIP transfers, shared & prestige transfers, and corporate services to and from airports, hotels, train stations, seaports, tourist sites and any personalized destinations in and around big cities and their neighboring suburbs (worldwide).

Using the S.B.I. booking system implies full agreement to the general terms and conditions and an unconditional agreement of all provisions within.

S.B.I. reserves the right to update to these conditions (changes in existing regulations, pricing) at any time. We invite you to read them regularly.


All offers available on the S.B.I. website are published by one or many of our partners and companies affiliated with theS.B.I. booking network. When making a reservation, the transportation service is provided by the company which published the service(s) that you have selected and paid for. You will be in contact with our booking support and the company in charge of your local transportation during the entire process.

Booking conditions

Online reservations can be made up to 48 hrs. in advance for less than 15 passengers booking a round trip or a one-way trip upon arrival or departure; two weeks in advance for more than 15 passengers, which will be considered as a group service.

Booking online will automatically provide you with a written confirmation and an invoice showing the travel details and the total amount paid. After the booking process, print your Transfer Voucher to present to the local representative. You will find at the top of your booking confirmation pertinent information such the “Booking reference – Supplier ID – Route ID and the Transfer Confirmation Code”. You can also present your e-mail confirmation to the representative in charge of your transfer by using a Smartphone or tablet. Remember to always travel with your booking confirmation or transfer voucher, which is required for your pick-up.

Last-minute bookings can be made up to 24 hrs. in advance by e-mail before the date of your trip, depending on the real-time availability of drivers, based on local time (worldwide). One of our agents will register your reservation and provide you with a written confirmation that will be sent by e-mail, along with a payment request, which can also be agreed upon by telephone.

Unless a prior agreement has been reached with our office, any pre-booked service provided by our staff members, our site or other sources not paid before the deadline, will be cancelled without any service being provided.

S.B.I. keeps it moving to offer you the best quality of service possible; in the event of force majeure, S.B.I. reserves the right to offer whatever alternative solutions are possible.

*If you have booked a Shared Service, you might have to wait for other passengers traveling on a different airline upon arrival, which will not exceed 45 minutes. Our Private Service offers no waiting time.

If your, flight/train/ship, is delayed at the departure or upon arrival, we invite you to contact your local representative or S.B.I. booking support to keep us informed about the ongoing situation, so as to reschedule your pick-up time. We will do our best to serve you in any way during our office hours, or during our suppliers’ office hours (local time worldwide).

If you have booked a round trip or a one-way departure, it is important to contact your local supplier 24 hrs. before departure in order to confirm your pick-up time. Upon departure from the pick-up location, clients are reminded to respect the scheduled pick-up time, so as to insure a smooth pick-up. In order to respect the expectations of other travelers, they cannot wait more than 10 minutes over the scheduled time, which is specified on the drivers’ confirmation, always available.

Transport Conditions

S.B.I. is a booking platform whose offers include pricing and transportation services – provided by one or numerous partners. The rates are fixed and include all taxes, and an added commission between 6% and 12% depending on the type of service required, with no extra charge for luggage. All seats are deemed occupied once purchased. Baggage is limited to two bags per person for the Shared Service.

For exceptionally-large items, please contact us prior to approval. You may have to book a Private Service.

The suppliers currently use 8-seat minivans, private classic 4-seat VIP vehicles, sedans and coaches/buses for groups. Shuttles are non-smoking, with drivers who speak various languages. Transporting one or more persons is possible, but only if a reservation exists in our system. Maximum eight people per vehicle, except for a group service.

People can form a single group, or be a group of persons traveling to different locations. However, using the Shared Service, we cannot transport persons going to more than three different destinations in the same vehicle. For the Private Service, contact us for prior approval. For the preceding methods, the pick-up order may differ from the drop-off order.

In accordance with existing regulations, all passengers must buckle individual seat belts. Please note that when booking online, our system takes into account the time needed for your pick-up in advance. The times listed on our site for your transfer(s), from one point to another, are based on many years of experience, but may sometimes vary according to certain factors. Observations are based on daily traffic in big cities and their suburbs. Traffic problems are beyond our control; though we will try our best to anticipate any modifications in your arrival/departure relating to traffic in real time, keeping drivers constantly informed to ensure smooth pick-ups/drop-offs, without compromising our obligations or responsibility.


Shuttle Booking International has its own Privacy Policy Statement and General Conditions and Terms of Use to regulate our global booking network website. All companies affiliated with the S.B.I. booking network are considered as third parties, and must have their own Privacy Policy Statement and General Conditions and Terms of Use to regulate their company's activity, which should be available for consultation by users.

We also claim no responsibility and cannot be held responsible in any way for any problems between clients and drivers, or for any accident that might result in the death of passengers that occurs during transfers provided by an affiliate company after booking a service on our reservation network. We claim no responsibility in regards to flights/trains/ships or any other type of transfer not being provided or cancelled for reasons that are beyond our control.


All reservations are subject to a commission, included in the price.

The rates are fixed and include all taxes with no extra charge for luggage. All seats are deemed occupied once purchased. Baggage is limited to two bags per person for the Shared Service. The rates take into account one person, or a group of persons, going to a single destination

People traveling with pets must provide a pet carrier for their animals. An extra fee will be charged per animal, to be agreed upon by telephone. For small pets in a closed carrier, owners are expected to be vigilant and pay close attention to their animal(s).


The Shuttle Booking International commission policy Reservations made on the S.B.I. booking system are subject to a commission per-reservation (non-negotiable). We guarantee the current commission rates for at least two years, but they may be revised any time after that. All companies registered on our booking network will be informed 60 days prior to us updating our commission rates.

The current commission rates are set for a minimum two years.

This commission helps cover the cost of running and maintaining our website, along with paying for employees that monitor reservations and provide Customer Service. We are responsible for all bank transaction fees.

Type & Category of Service Commission
Private Transfers (shuttle/taxi/VIP/corporate) -12%
Shared Transfers (Shuttle bus/shared minivan) -8%
Group Service from (14-64 passengers and up) -6%
Excursions (all categories) -6%

Service Provider

After submitting the Transfer Confirmation Code written on the client’s Transfer Voucher or e-mail confirmation.

Payment to the company providing the service

Type & Category of Service Providers
Private Transfers (shuttle/taxi/VIP/corporate) 88%
Shared Transfers (shuttle bus/shared minivan) 92%
Group Service from (14-64 passengers and up) 94%
Excursions (all categories) 94%


Modifications online are not permitted, in order to avoid any problems; for all modifications concerning a reservation, contact our office, so we can effect changes in real time. This service is available only through e-mail contact with our services, 24/7 local time worldwide. Note that additional charges may be requested, to be agreed upon by telephone, if you change the pick-up time from AM to PM, and deemed payable immediately; otherwise no additional charge will be required for the service.


Any cancellation or change in one or more reservations includes administrative costs and handling, but may be subject to the following conditions:

Conditions for cancellations

Client Refund Commission Supplier Payment
48 hrs. before your transfer 95% refund 5% 0%
24 hrs. before your transfer 80% refund 20% 0%

Cancellation on the travel date

The flight/train/ship was delayed or cancelled. 80% refund 20% 0%
No-show at Arrivals or Departures; transferred by taxi or another company. 40% refund 10% 50%
Last-minute cancellations No refund 30% 70%

Payments for your reservations

Direct, secure payment will be made when you are transferred to a secure page to pay for the service(s), providing us with your card number and other pertinent information. At that time, your transfer confirmation will be complete. Online security for payment by credit/debit card is provided by various partners’ banks/PayPal. You will continue to a secure page to proceed with payment for your service(s).

The transaction between S.B.I. and our payment system is encrypted using SSL. During the transaction process, a small padlock should appear in your browser status window. No personal, bank information will circulate unprotected on the Internet, but will be encrypted for online security.

Legal issues, disputes

Conditions are subject to French law. In the case of a dispute, only Courts located in Melun, France (77000) will handle the affair.

Intellectual Property

Shuttle Booking International is a protected trademark
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Reproduction, adaptation or use, in any form, of any or all of the S.B.I website content without our express written consent will constitute an act of fraud, sanctioned by the Intellectual Property Code.

All trademarks and other distinctive marks that appear on the S.B.I website are owned by S.B.I for the purpose of satisfying the needs of visitors to the site; it is therefore prohibited to use, manipulate and/or alter them in any way, without prior written consent of Shuttle Booking International.

S.B.I reserves the right to update existing conditions (changes in existing regulations, pricing, commissions) at any time, without informing clients.

You acknowledge that your personal information has been provided by you in order to make your booking. You authorize S.B.I to keep your personal information in our system. This information is subject to existing regulations including requirements delegated by the CNIL in France. According to French law, in “Computer Hardware” Freedom 78-17 of 06/01/1978, you have the right to access and correct your information personally. You can exercise this right through our services simply by calling or e-mailing us.