The application Manage Reservations was designed to help Affiliates fully manage their reservations booked on our platform, via the routes they have added in the Add Route application.

The following procedures will help you understand how it works when you have one or more reservations registered in your Affiliate account.

You have posted one or many offers in the S.B.I. search engine ready to be reserved by visitors. You will receive an e-mail confirmation each time one of your offers is booked.
E-mail confirmation of reservations booked for your routes

All the details regarding the reservation will be available in your business account. You can use the print option to print out the reservation request in order to organize your transfer(s) and greet your clients upon arrivals or departures.

View details about your reservations


Confirm the provided services

After the booking process, the client will print the Transfer Voucher to present to the local representative, or your driver. You will find pertinent information at the top of the booking confirmation: “Booking ReferenceSupplier IDRoute IDTransfer Confirmation Code”. Clients can also present an e-mail confirmation to the local representative or the driver handling the transfer by using a Smartphone or tablet.

Drivers are reminded to always collect the Booking Confirmation or Transfer Voucher, which is required for confirming the transfers you have provided. We use the preceding methods in order to guarantee our users’ interests, and ensure that we have provided and met the clients’ requests and fulfilled our obligations.

Collect the Confirmation Code on the Transfer Voucher.

Once you have provided the service, log into your business account and click on the reservation.
Confirm the reservations in your business account

As specified in the General Conditions, every reservation made on our system will be subject to a commission, whose rates can be found in the Affiliate General Conditions and Terms of Use.